huddy and alpee

bobby sketch

Charcoal drawings-People and Pets are done by commission. Please contact me for details if you would like to have a portrait. All we need is a couple of good pictures. Finished portraits are placed in a travel mat to get the drawing to you safely. We recommend portraits be properly matted and framed by a professional framing house.
Image is approximately 9″ x 12″-contact me for pricing.

Pet Acrylic or Oil Paintings are also completed by commission. We can complete a painting of your pet, either on canvas or panel. Size, price, and framing are some of the items we’ll discuss with you. These usually take a month to complete.

complete 3-13-14

Molly Holladay
11″x14″ Acrylic on Linen Canvas

Completed for Patrick and Stephanie Holladay who live in Colorado Springs, Colorado.