Why have a painting done on commission?

1. You’ve something in mind, but can’t find the painting to match.
2. To compliment colors in your home.
3. For a memory of a place.
4. For a gift.

Commissioning a painting means getting exactly what you want and it doesn’t cost any more than buying a painting off the wall.

The Process

A. You contact me with an idea for a painting.
B. We discuss size, shape, subject, colors, and cost, etc. A deposit of 1/3 is required up front with balance due at delivery.
C. We sign a simple contract to cover our mutual interests.
D. I email you some color sketches for your consideration.
E. I make more sketches until you are happy.
F. I start work on the final painting, emailing you photos as it progresses.
G. I present you with the final painting.

Ramsoy Family Farm
Commissioned work
16″x20″ Acrylic  on canvas